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Safer With Syfer
A powerful yet simple way to protect your privacy, security, and family online.

Why Syfer?

Our lives are more “connected” than ever. From sharing photos on social media, to tracking our fitness on our phones, to monitoring our home using smart cameras, we are exposing a great deal of personal, and often sensitive information about ourselves and our families each day. For parents, that concern is even greater. The growing presence of cyber threats only furthers the need for a solution to protect our privacy, security, and children online.

« Meet Syfer. A simple solution to a complex problem. Made by geeks, usable by everyone! »
  • Simple
    Plug-and-play. One Syfer. One subscription. Unlimited device protection. We got the technology degrees so you don’t have to!
  • Affordable
    We make enterprise-grade protection affordable to every home.
    Pick your price!
  • Comprehensive
    We encrypt your communications to make them private, secure your connected home, make the internet safer for your children, and protect your home and family from cyber criminals.