Syfer aims to be on the leading edge of technology. To that end, we leverage the most modern technologies available throughout our product development lifecycle. Below, we have detailed both our own technology and that of our strategic partners, without whom our lives would be much more difficult!


At Syfer, we use the Google Cloud Platform and AWS for our backend infrastructure. We use a variety of data platforms such as Google Data Store and AWS DynamoDB. Our backend applications are architectured in a portable and containerized fashion, and we leverage Kubernetes to orchestrate our docker containers.


VTP (Anonymizing Service)

VTP is the core unit of the Syfer Privacy Suite, deployed in Kubernetes pods with high availability. The word ‘VTP’ is a Syfer term meaning ‘VPN Termination Point’. VTPs are designed with extremely small footprints, yet powerful enough to handle high throughput encryption functions. All logging functions are disabled from the ground up. When we say we don’t log user activity, it is because we literally can’t!

Artificial Intelligence

Syfer utilizes combinatorial deep learning architectures for identifying the latest and unknown cyber threats including, but not limited to, ransomware, phishing, botnets, and malvertising.

Our Machine Learning engine utilizes well-established industry standard software packages such as Keras and Tensorflow in the high-performance computing clouds to train the models from a plethora of ongoing network interactions.

The Amazon and Google cloud platforms enable us to deploy such complex models in parallel with minimal latency to protect our users against the latest known cyber-threats and anomalies that are yet to be categorized.



We use Golang as the primary language in our backend APIs - all deployed in Kubernetes clusters for high availability with an added security layer to detect any malicious traffic and DDoS activities.


We use React Native to build our iOS and Android application. React Native is an open source project started by Facebook. It allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript. React allows us to build high-performance mobile apps with the superior user experience. We also use Firebase, which is a mobile/web app development platform that provides us with a plethora of tools and services to help develop high-quality apps.



We have constructed our software development practices based on the DevOps philosophy. Fast feedback loops and automation are at the core of our engineering processes along with short cycle times, from the ideation phase to delivery and bringing new ideas into life. Following are a few amongst the many DevOps tools that stand out in our development lifecycles.