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Syfer for Operators

Secure the Internet-of-Everything

Online Privacy, Security, & Network Analytics for Network Operators
Syfer is an innovator in the development and application of artificial intelligence to improve the privacy and security of connected homes and businesses.

Syfer curates a complete portfolio of products that enables operators to drive incremental revenue and add value to customers. The Syfer Cybersecurity Suite empowers end-users to protect their digital footprint in the Age of Connectivity, while Syfer Insyte provides operators with valuable tools in the areas of network monitoring, intelligence, and protection.
Tier 1: Syfer Insyte
Advanced Routing
Device Fingerprinting
Network performance testing
FCC-compliant speed testing
Tier 2: Syfer Core
Encrypted DNS
Cyber Security
Content Filtering
Ad & Tracker Blocking
Tier 3: Privacy
Smart VPN

The Syfer Cyber Security Platform

Powerful & Versatile Appliance

Syfer's proprietary hardware is extremely flexible, allowing for easy integration with any network equipment and design. Syfer installs in minutes with a "simple by design" approach to cutting edge privacy and security tools, allowing users of all technical capabilities to protect themselves online.

Syfer Insyte

  • Advanced routing functionality
    Replaces unnecessary and costly equipment, while enabling Syfer services across the network.
  • Device Fingerprinting
    Syfer scans the network, providing rich data for network security and diagnostics.
  • FCC Compliant Speed Testing (up tp 1Gbps)
    Syfer manages the compliance process from A-Z to let you focus on your business.

The Syfer Cloud


  • Encrypted DNS
    Using DNS-over-TLS, DNS traffic is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping and manipulation.
  • VPN with TunnelShaper
    Leverages the Syfer global VPN network and uses our patent-pending smart VPN technology to bypass certain services (streaming services such as Netflix, WiFi TV, etc.) to avoid disruptions in service. Recommended for users that want a VPN with minimal interference to their online experience.


  • Network protection using threat intelligence feeds and AI-powered SyferDNS to stop zero-day attacks.
  • The Syfer Intrusion Prevention System helps protect against viruses, trojans, ransomware, and a wide variety of malware across the network.

Content Filtering:

  • Restrict content by subject category and enforce Safe Search and Safe YouTube across the network. Device-level permissioning coming later in 2020.

Ad and Tracker Blocking:

  • Allow users to take back control of their privacy by automatically blocking trackers, data collectors, and invasive ads on all connected devices.